Experiential Coaching is a client-coach partnership in which you design a personal blueprint for success through maximizing your strengths.  As your coach I will provide support, challenge, advocacy, and accountability along your journey of learning to maximize your personal and professional potential to live a balanced, thriving, and fulfilling lifestyle.  We will work together to systematically increase your self-awareness and examine your goals, motivations, and obstacles with a mindful focus in the presenting context and the intention of forward movement.  Through the coaching process you will learn “how” to direct your life through making choices to optimize your wellness.

When appropriate, the process will be enhanced by immersing you in the experiential learning process.  Experiential learning activities engage participants in whole brain thinking. Using multiple intelligences, you increase your holistic awareness of the self, others, and worldview.  Growth and learning through the experiential process provides the immediate feedback of successes, problems/obstacles, and opportunities for change.

By actively participating in optimizing your life you can expect to experience any/all of the following health benefits:

  • Increased self-awareness and possibilities for action and movement
  • Increased self- compassion
  • Goal setting, action planning, and achievement
  • Improved Self-Leadership skills (courage, motivation)
  • “New” behavior patterns
  • Improved Critical Thinking, Decision making, Problem solving skills
  • Optimized work/life balance
  • Increased intrapersonal skills (confidence, competence, creativity)
  • Improved interpersonal skills (boundaries, approach style, conflict management)

Coaching Focus areas

  • Personal Development
  • Career Journey/Transition
  • Leader Personhood

Services provided

  • Program designs are customized depending on your needs, objectives, strengths, and desired outcome. Relevant self- assessment tools are available for access and can be used in combination with and compliment to the experience of learning “how” to do it as you immerse yourself in the process.
  • Office based and/or off-site alternative based (Equine Assisted Learning)

Equine Assisted Learning

We offer customized programs in Mooresville, North Carolina.