Experiential learning is accomplished through a holistic and motivational model where we learn “how” to do the “what” in the immediacy of the environment. Experiential activities are grounded in knowledge of human behavior and development principles, group/team dynamics, and leadership theory designed to address relevant individual or team goals pertaining needs you or your organization have.

Experiential learning activities engage participants in whole brain thinking utilizing multiple intelligences to increase a holistic awareness of the self, others, and worldview. Growth and learning through the experiential process requires active intellectual, emotional, social, and soulful/physical engagement of participants. The immediate feedback of successes, problems/obstacles, and opportunities for change or alternative behaviors results in increased intrapersonal confidence, competence, courage, motivation, leadership and improved interpersonal collaboration, cooperation, cohesion, critical thinking, empowerment.

Be A Pinnacle Leader

Demonstrate personhood and significance

  • Learn to take care of yourself while leading and inspiring others
  • Learn to combine your strengths, personal style and understanding of group dynamics to build relationships and influence the team culture, performance, and effectiveness
  • Learn to become a facilitator of your team to empower creative purpose, dynamic, and process that leads to increased performance and success
  • Develop a systems approach with critical thinking to empower your team to close the gap between organizational goals and team performance

Be An Empowered And Creative Team

Contribute capabilities to the team   

  • Identify individual strengths and blind spots
  • Embrace team culture and learn how to develop the strengths of the system
  • Learn how to gracefully transition through change
  • Develop team purpose and vision
  • Improve team work performance factors
  • Create successful team process

By taking active participation in your growth and development as a leader or as a team you can expect to manifest any/many/all of the following benefits of a healthy team:

  • Increased awareness and possibilities for action and movement
  • Clarity of team vision, commitment to team purpose, team cohesion
  • “New” behavior patterns and improved cooperation and collaboration skills
  • Improved ability to bridge individual value with team empowerment
  • Increased engagement, motivation, and critical thinking skills
  • Increased self- confidence and competence, courage, and creativity

Populations served

  • Project, portfolio/program, functional leaders (current and developing)
  • Team leads
  • Team members

Services provided

  • Program designs are customized depending on your needs, objectives, audience, duration, and desired outcome. Relevant self-assessment tools are available for access and can be used in combination with and compliment to the experience of learning “how” to do it as you immerse yourself in the process.
  • Office (site) based and/or off-site alternative based (equine assisted or adventure based)

Equine Assisted Learning

We offer customized programs in Mooresville, North Carolina